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Fives and Threes - The Songs

The title track, Fives and Threes, is a tale of redemption set in the Bolsover Darts and Dominoes League which, as the song says, is no place for the weak. The Girls of Kinkane tells of a search for home and the words of a lost song. Cush, Cush, remembers the ancient calls used to bring the cattle home. The Isle of Ichaboe reveals the sordid history of the Guano wars of the 1840s. 100,000 Heroines is about the Womens Action Groups 30 years after the Miners Strike. John Paul 2 tells of an unknown miracle that is helping the former Pope become a saint. All You'll Taste Is Your Tears is a tribute to Bert Jansch. Jump in the Jordan is a song about a well-known millionaire getting religion as he nears the Pearly Gates. The Lonely Mountain tells of solitude, loss and sadness. You Lovers All is the only non-original song on the CD -  it is the traditional song the Picker loves to play the most. Finally, the atmospheric Bow Wow Wow is a roll call of politicians and dissidents on the police dogs' A list!

Fives and Threes -Case-Back jpeg

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